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You have a business idea, we help you succeed!

We like ideas. At Idébanken Startup, we believe that visionaries can change the world. If you have a good business idea, you can eventually realize it with hard work and enough luck, and we hope that our professional services will help you achieve success faster and easier.

Our Vision

Socio-economic impact

At Idébanken, our vision inspires us to create hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs over the next ten years that will have a socio-economic impact and inspire others.

We strive for the profitability and development of our partner & customers and we achieve this through current accounting, annual accounts, monthly reports, costly accounting, followup and analyzes, which enables the development of the company.

Our Mission

To promote social change

Our mission is to support social change by empowering entrepreneurs, helping them achieve their goals and taking control of their lives. We believe that sustainable economic development is not possible without giving people the power to influence.

Our Passion


We are passionate about ideas. Ideas that have the potential to change the world. If you have a dream and a promising idea, we have the funds and support to make this an influence-driven business. Explore our services and start a new journey in your life. Let us know how we can help you.

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Are you an ambitious person with a business idea?

Are you looking for solutions to problems, but lack the support you need to make your dreams a reality?
Are you an experienced person seeking freedom in your life? Are you ready to use your experience to start your own business?
Are you a person who already runs a small or medium-sized business and is looking for support to make your business a profitable business?

What we do

Idébanken supports you with advices and business services to start your business. Starting a business has never been easier. All you need is a business idea and a partner like Idébanken Startup. We want to create the opportunity to elevate your life so that you can write about the history of your life.

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You have a business idea, we help you succeed

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